Survey: What Features Do You Need In CMS Commander?

In December 2014 we ran our first feature survey and it was a great success. Back then several hundreds of you participated and told us what features you would like to see added to CMS Commander.

Time has passed quickly since then and we can proudly say that we listened to all the great feedback we received! Several mayor updates have been released in 2015 already, adding many of the cool things that were suggested.

Here is a short list of some of the new functionality that now makes your life even easier when managing multiple sites in CMS Commander:

Since it helped a lot last time we decided to start a new survey and ask you again: What features would you like to see added to CMS Commander? What should be improved?

This time we decided to make things even simpler and removed all the limiting multiple choice questions. The survey consists of only a single open text question. Feel free to tell us as much or as little as you want. Like last time we will read all answers carefully.

To fill out the survey and tell us what features you want to see added to CMS Commander next please go here. It will only take a minute.

Could you spare another minute after that? Then please consider rating CMS Commander five stars in the WordPress plugin directory. Thank you! :)

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Thomas Hoefter