Manage multiple WordPress sites in our powerful dashboard!Below you can find a long and exhaustive list of all the features CMS Commander can offer you. All of them have one thing in common: They make your life easier. They help you with managing multiple WordPress sites. They save you a lot of time which is better spent on important business tasks.

And since CMS Commander is all about saving time here is another way to do so: Instead of reading the long list below simply sign up for free and test all of our features yourself. You can be set up in only a few minutes and enjoy the view on all your blogs in our powerful management dashboard!

WordPress Management Features
Shared Post Editor Write new posts on all your sites from one powerful WYSIWYG editor with more features than the default WP editor, including useful tools for rewriting, content insertion and SEO optimization.
Bulk Posting Publish the articles you are writing on any number of your websites at the same time.
Media Uploader Store images and graphics directly in your CMS Commander account in order to use them across all of your weblogs.
Bulk Edit WordPress Posts Edit any number of your posts on any number of your sites at the same time: Change text, modify keywords, edit categories, add new tags and more.
1-Click Plugin Updates Get notified of available updates to plugins on all your websites right on the CMS Commander dashboard and install them all with a single click. Keep your whole site network up to date without any effort!
1-Click Theme Updates Just like plugins theme updates can be installed on all your WordPress weblogs with a single click.
Easy Plugin and Theme Installation Bulk install new plugins to any number of websites simultaneously. Save a list of favorite plugins and themes in CMS Commander to install them on any new website of yours with only few clicks.
Plugin and Theme Storage Upload and save all your favorite plugin and theme files in CMS Commander to quickly deploy them all to a new website. Installing or updating all your premium plugins is super easy like that!
Article Management View recent articles and approve or delete drafts. Edit posts directly in CMS Commander and copy them to any of your other websites.
Comment Management Review new comments and approve them or mark them as spam without the need to log into each of your websites.
User Account Management View and delete registered users and bulk create new user accounts on your sites. Bulk edit users to change their passwords, capabilities or more.
Settings Management Configure the settings of all your WordPress websites. Copy your configuration from one site to all the others to have your whole blog network stay in sync!
Category Management Bulk create any number of new categories on your sites or copy categories from one site to the others.
Maintenance Mode One click can switch your websites in and out of maintenance mode and display a custom offline message to your visitors, for example while you are working on new features.
Automatic Updates Configure automatic plugin, theme and WordPress updates on all your websites with only a few clicks.
Database Optimization Optimize the database of all your WordPress blogs with a single click in order to improve speed and save hard drive space.
Copy Plugin Settings Copy the complete settings of some of the most popular WordPress plugins from one of your blogs to any number of sites with only a few clicks!

Monetization Features
Advertising and Content Suite CMS Commander includes a full-blown autoblogging solution for your WordPress weblogs, helping you with monetizing your blogs through affiliate offers and providing SEO-optimized content.
Website Cloning Built a successful WordPress website? Why not clone it in its entirety and use as a base for your next projects. Copying a website in CMS Commander takes less than a minute!
Over 20 Content Sources We support more than twenty diverse sources providing you with related images, videos, articles, affiliate products and more from big names like Yahoo, Google, Youtube and Amazon and more. All sources use an official and legal API.
Affiliate Ads and Links Improve monetization of your sites with affiliate ads and links provided by 9 big content providers, all of which will earn you commissions.
Bulk Update Old Articles Insert images, videos or affiliate ads related to the article’s titles into all your old posts with a few clicks.
Enhance Your Articles Make your content more interesting and effective by inserting videos, images or more content related to your topic with only a few clicks.
Bulk Content Posting Need to fill a brand new site with fresh content? The bulk content features of CMS Commander offer you powerful tools to do so and allow you to combine diverse content from many sources, rewrite it automatically and schedule it on your websites.
Import PLR Articles Import any number of PLR articles and publish them, complete with support for spin tags, rewriting and adding related affiliate products to the posts.
Import CSV Datafeeds Easily load CSV datafeeds into CMS Commander, review or modify the imported content and then post it to any number of your websites.
WP Robot Integration Manage the popular autoblogging plugin WP Robot from within your CMS Commander account.

See some of our featured content sources in the slider below. Use them all for free to add related images, videos or ads to your articles and help you improve and monetize your blogs!

  • Content Source: Amazon Products

    Search and insert related Amazon products into your articles, complete with images, description, reviews and more. Earn money through the Amazon Partner Program for every sale!

  • Content Source: Flickr Images

    Never post an article without images again: Easily search Flickr’s huge database for photos related to your subject and include them directly into your content with only a few clicks.

  • Content Source: Youtube Videos

    Enhance your articles with related videos! Easily search Youtube for content related to what you are writing about and insert a video – complete with description, thumbnail and even comments if you want.

  • Content Source: Commission Junction

    CMS Commander can post any product listed by CJ’s huge list of merchants to your websites. You will earn commission through the CJ Affiliate Program for every sale!

  • Content Source: Yahoo Answers

    Yahoo Answers is a huge database of questions asked and answered by users. CMS Commander allows you to post both questions and answers related to topics of your choice to your own websites.

  • Content Source: Expedia

    If you own a travel related website CMS Commander can post targeted hotel listings – including thumbnails, description and prices – for any city on the world to your site. You will also earn money as an affiliate!

  • Content Source: Vimeo Videos

    Enhance your articles with related videos! Search for videos about any topic and have CMS Commander add them to the article you are working on with only a few clicks.

  • Content Source: Google News

    Display the latest news headlines about your topic on your websites by utilizing the Google News integration in CMS Commander.

  • Content Source: Indeed Job Listings

    CMS Commander can access Indeeds large database of job listings through their official API and publish results interesting to your readers directly to your websites.

  • Content Source: Linkshare Products

    CMS Comander can post any product listed by Linkshare’s huge amount of merchants directly to your websites. You will earn money through the Linkshare Affiliate Program for every sale!

  • Content Source: oodle Classifieds

    Oodle is a large directory of local classified ads. Through their official API CMS Commander can publish classifieds from specific locations related to keywords of your choice on your websites.

  • Content Source: Photobucket Images

    Need a thumbnail for your article? Simply search Photobucket’s huge database for photos related to your subject and include them directly into your content with only a few clicks.

  • Content Source: Eventful

    Publish details about any of the thousands of events listed on Eventful to your websites. You can search by both location of the event and keywords to find only content interesting to your readers!

  • Content Source: Skimlinks

    Use CMS Commander to insert related affiliate ads from the large selection of merchants at the Skimlinks network into your articles to add a new revenue stream to your websites.

  • Content Source: Rotten Tomatoes

    Publish detailed movie information and viewer ratings for any title from the popular website right to your own blogs with the help of CMS Commander.

  • Content Source: Avantlink Products

    Use CMS Commander to insert products and ads from the Avantlink affiliate network into your articles and earn more from your websites.

  • Content Source: Twitter

    Add and display tweets related to any topic or keyword of your choice in your articles.

  • Content Source: Yelp Listings

    Yelp is a large directory of local business listings. Through their official API CMS Commander can post listings of your choice to your sites – including images, reviews, the address, description and more.

  • Content Source: Shopzilla Products

    Display price comparison data provided by Shopzilla for any products of your choice in your posts and earn money through the Shopzilla affiliate program.

Security Features
Automatic WordPress Backups Automatically bulk create backups of all your WP websites at the same time. Set daily, weekly or monthly backup tasks and save the results to up to six different destinations, including your Dropbox, Google Drive and Amazon S3 accounts.
No Admin Passwords Required We will never ask for any of your passwords or website logins. They are not required to manage your sites from one dashboard!
Uptime Monitoring We have integrated the free service into CMS Commander to bring you free uptime statistics for all your websites right in your account. Confirm that all your sites are online or react quickly if not!
Secure SSL Connection All communications between CMS Commander and your websites is sent through a secured connection.
Google Analytics Integration Connect your Google Analytics account to CMS Commander to be able to review your website traffic stats while managing your sites.
Network Traffic Stats Aggregated traffic statistics of all your websites in a single graphic tell you with a single glance which of your websites are outperforming the others.
Custom Plugin Branding Change the name, description and author of the CMS Commander plugin on your WordPress websites, for example to match your company branding and hide CMS Commander from your clients.
2-Factor Authentication Secure your account with our 2-Factor authentication features provided by the popular Google Authenticator app. The app works on all Apple phones, Android phones as well as on your desktop computer!

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