Automatic Content

CMS Commander gives you access to content from over 20 different sources which you can use for free to optimize your existing articles, to create entirely new articles or to help you with monetizing your sites. The sources include free images, videos, affiliate ads and content in many other useful formats.

What can I use automatic content for in CMS Commander?
You can use the content in multiple ways to enhance articles on your site, monetize your blogs or create entirely new articles. Some examples of possible use cases:

  • Find free images (or videos) to use in articles you are working on.
  • Bulk insert advertisements into your existing articles.
  • Create new content and schedule it to multiple websites.
  • Build affiliate stores by posting products as WooCommerce products.
  • Fill a new WordPress blog or bbPress forum with relevant content.

Which content sources are available in CMS Commander?
CMS Commander does currently support over 20 different sources that provide diverse content for your sites, including videos, photos, product ads and more. This is a full list of all sources and the content they provide:

  • Amazon – affiliate products
  • Article Builder – unique articles (requires paid account)
  • Avantlink – affiliate products and ads
  • Big Content Search – PLR articles (requires paid account)
  • Commission Junction – affiliate products
  • eBay – classified ads
  • Eventful – event listings
  • Flickr – creative commons images
  • Google News – current news excerpts
  • Indeed – job listings
  • iTunes – music albums and apps
  • Linkshare – affiliate products and ads
  • Oodle – classified ads
  • Photobucket – creative commons images
  • Pixabay – creative commons images
  • Prosperent – affiliate products and ads
  • Recipe Buddy – cooking recipes
  • Rotten Tomatoes – movie reviews and ratings
  • Shopzilla – shopping price comparison
  • Skimlinks – affiliate products and ads
  • Vimeo – embeddable videos
  • Yelp – local business reviews
  • Youtube – embeddable videos

Furthermore you can also import your own RSS feeds, CSV datafeeds and text files to WordPress blogs with CMS Commander.

Can I mix different content sources together?
Yes, CMS Commander’s “Bulk Content” page works with a building blocks principle that allows you to combine any kinds of different sources in any way. Like this you can for example enrich imported articles with related videos, images and affiliate ads before posting the end result to your websites.

How does using automatic content work and what do I need?
Before you can use content sources in CMS Commander you need to activate them on with a simple click on the “Choose Sources” page inside your account. After you have activated a source a new settings page will become available for it. Several of the sources do require a free API account for which you can find the signup link on the settings page. For those sources you need to enter your API keys or account details inside CMS Commander before they can be used.

Is it legal to use all this content on my own blogs?
Yes, all content produced by CMS Commander is legal to be published on your own sites. We do only use official API programs by the content producers themselves, for example the Flickr API to access Flick’s huge photo database or the Amazon Product API for Amazon’s content and so on.

Does CMS Commander support other languages than English?
Yes, several of the content sources support international languages, including Spanish, German, Russian, French and others. Please go to the “Choose Sources” page inside your account to get an overview over which languages are offered by which sources.

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