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The CMS Commander dashboard allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites in bulk

CMS Commander is the best way to manage multiple WordPress sites and an effective content marketing tool wrapped into one easy solution.


Why? Because Time Is Money.

Your time is your most valuable asset, so why waste it on repetitive management tasks?
CMS Commander helps you take care of your blogs in less time by completing updates and other tasks on all your sites in bulk, allowing you to completely focus on growing your business.

In my opinion, CMS Commander has one of the most practical interfaces for managing multiple websites.
Kevin Muldoon,

Features That Help Grow Your Business

CMS Commander is more than a tool to manage multiple sites. It also assists you with optimizing your existing websites, monetizing your content, and rapidly creating entirely new sites.

Monitor backlinks, uptime and traffic
Update multiple blogs with 1 click
Clone and create new websites
Secure your sites with automatic backups

CMS Commander is very easy to use, adding a plugin for each site you want to manage and then being able to control them all from the one place is great.
Oliver Dale,

Perfect For Content And Affiliate Marketers

CMS Commander integrates with over 20 popular services to help you build more engaging content on your sites and earn more money from your blog network. Access huge article databases, insert targeted affiliate ads, find free images or videos and more!

CMS Commander provides an effective platform that will save you time when managing multiple websites. There is plenty of helpful documentation and the pricing is very competitive.
Adam Connell,

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