Save Time On Your Daily Management Tasks

Presenting the best WordPress control panel: In our dashboard you have all your sites in easy reach and can control them in bulk with only a few clicks: Update WordPress on all your blogs at once, moderate new comments, install a new theme or plugin on multiple websites, create bulk posts and user accounts or log in instantly to any of the blogs we help you manage!

Earn More From Your Website Network

CMS Commander is more than just a great solution to manage WordPress: We also integrate 9 different affiliate networks and 23 content sources that help you monetize your websites with targeted affiliate ads and enhance your articles with relevant images, videos and other free-to-use content. You can also clone a complete blog to repeat your success and jump start a new project.

Ensure Your Weblogs Are Safe And Secure

CMS Commander helps you keep your peace of mind: Our uptime monitoring allows you to react fast to any downtime and our scheduled automatic WordPress backups make sure you are always prepared for everything. Security is our main priority! We use only secure SSL connections to communicate with your sites and offer 2-factor authentication to guard your account.

CMS Commander Puts All The Tools You Could Possibly Need To
Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs Right Below Your Fingertips
Powerful dashboard for all your sites with 1-click updates, instant login and many more features.
Google Analytics integration shows aggregated traffic stats for your whole website network.
Detailed action reports list all the management tasks that were performed on your blogs.
What Our Users Have Done With CMS Commander Last Month
Statistics For March 2014
plugins updated
backups created
themes installed
websites cloned
articles written
comments approved
… and much more! Sign up and try for yourself or see all features.

CMS Commander has been created by Thomas Höfter together with a small team from Germany. Thomas has worked with WordPress since early 2008 and is best known for his premium autoblogging plugin WP Robot, which has been used on more than 2,000,000 WordPress blogs around the whole world.

More than 3,000 users do already control all their WordPress websites with CMS Commander. Join us now so you too can keep your blog network updated wih a single click and manage WordPress in the most efficient way possible. Enter your email below for instant access to your own blog management dashboard.

Life Is Too Short To Manage WordPress Blogs Any Other Way.

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