Version 2.16 Released: Premium Plugin Updates, Performance Improvements And More

We have just uploaded the new version 2.16 of our CMS Commander client plugin, which adds several new features and improvements. See below for a complete list of all changes as well as instructions on how to update all your sites with only few clicks.

How to update:

1. Log into your CMS Commander account and press the “refresh sites” icon on your dashboard (spinning circles above your list of sites).
2. Once complete reload your dashboard and click on the button that will appear to update your client plugin on all your sites.

Support For Premium Plugin Updates

Until now it was only possible to update free plugins which are hosted on with one click in CMS Commander. This changes with this new version as we added support for automatic and 1-click updates for many of the most popular premium and commercial plugins.

This includes Gravity Forms, AffiliateWP, Easy Digital Downloads addons, BackupBuddy and other iThemes plugins as well as paid WooCommerce addons as well as many other commercial plugins using the same update mechanisms. All of them will now show up in your CMS Commander dashboard when a new version is available and you can install it to all your sites with one click.

Please note that supporting automatic updates for all premium plugins would unfortunately be impossible since many use their own proprietary systems for updates. But if your favorite premium plugin is not showing up in CMS Commander don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can have a look at it.

Easier Copy Posts And Pages

We have improved the copy content feature to be easier to use and to include more data. Copied posts do now include all custom fields, categories and other meta data of the article.

As before you can find the copy post and pages feature on the “Content” page in your CMS Commander account. Simply select the articles you wish to copy, select the target sites where you want to copy them to and then choose the “Copy” action from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown.

Bulk Add Content To Your Articles

Did you ever need to add a piece of content to multiple of your articles? For example to change the footer or add in a new advertisement? One of our users did and suggested we added a feature to make the process faster. And that is exactly what we did: With our newest addition to the bulk edit content feature you can now easily insert any content into any number of WordPress posts. Simply head to the “Content” page to find and use the new functionality.

Performance Improvements

Not visible like the other added features but definitely also worth mentioning: Several parts of the CMS Commander client plugin have been completely rebuilt for the 2.16 release in order to increase performance and reduce the memory needed on your sites.

We hope you enjoy the new features and should you run into any problems with the new version of CMS Commander please send an email!

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Thomas Hoefter