Weekend Update With 3 Dashboard Improvements

We have just released a small update to CMS Commander that besides some minor bugfixes also adds three very useful improvements to your WordPress management dashboards:

1. New “Backup Now” Feature


Some users have suggested this in our recent online survey and since we thought it was a good idea we have added it right away.

You can now create an instant backup file of your sites directly in the CMS Commander dashboard with a single click. That can be useful for example to play it safe before installing plugin updates or a new WordPress version. Of course this does not affect the scheduled backups for your site and we still recommend to set up a scheduled backup task as well!

You can find the new backup now feature by hovering over the “backups / security” icon at the right side of your dashboard site table.

2. Better Support for Mobile Phones

Quite a few people have asked us for a CMS Commander app or a mobile responsive dashboard to manage their sites in. As a first step into that direction this update contains a lot of improvements to make the CMS Commander dashboard work better on mobiles and small screens.

When logging in from your mobile you will now be able to monitor your sites and install new WordPress and plugin updates on the go.

Please note that a newer generation smartphone with a screen width of at least 600px is required. Also note that not everything will function smoothly on mobile just yet and we are already working on further improvements.

3. Improved Visibility Of Update Notification

Some people have missed the update notification in their dashboard, which allows you to bulk update all your sites with a few clicks. To prevent that from happening we have made the notification more visible and given it a unique color. We also fixed a few bugs related to the update notification which caused wrong numbers of available updates to be displayed in certain cases.

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Thomas Hoefter