New: Email Notifications Feature

It is the weekend after Thanksgiving but that did not stop us from releasing a cool new feature for all you CMS Commander users.

From today email notifications are available for all users on one of our premium plans (or with an account in trial mode). Read on to learn more about what they are and how they work.

Why did I already get an email notification?

For most of our active users we have activated the new feature by default and set it to send weekly notifications. Since we feel those email notifications can prove to be very useful for most members we hope that is in your best interest. If not you can of course simply disable all notifications in your CMS Commander account (see below for instructions)

What gets sent with the email notifications?

The point of the notification emails is to alert you of new updates that are available for any of your managed sites as well as of new pending comments, so that you can act immediately.

Currently the following data gets reported in our notifications:

  • Available WordPress upgrades on your sites
  • New theme updates
  • New plugin updates
  • Pending comments you need to approve or delete
  • Backup error notifications (if any backups in your automatic backup tasks fail)

In the future we plan to add more data like uptime and traffic stats as well!

When do the notifications get sent?

We automatically sync your sites with CMS Commander regularly to check for new updates, comments and other data. A notification email gets sent once we finished syncing all your sites. You can choose if you want to get a new message once per day or only once per week.

In any case notifications do only get sent if any new updates or comments are available on at least one of your sites.

How can I disable the email messages?

If you prefer not to get any emails simply login to your CMS Commander account. On the “Dashboard” click on the “Settings” tab where you will find the new “Email Notifications” link.

After clicking on it you can select whether you want to receive email notifications weekly, daily or opt out entirely.

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