New And Updated Content Sources: WordAI & Tradedoubler Added

The latest version of CMS Commander, which we have released today, brings several updates to the content sources and APIs that are integrated as well as several small changes and fixes. See below for all details.

WordAI Integration Added

Adding WordAI to the supported content spinners in CMS Commander has been requested by many users and so here it finally is!

After activating WordAI on the “Choose Sources” page and then entering your API details on its settings tab you can now use the awesome service to rewrite any content you are posting through CMS Commander and make it unique. It works on on both the editor and bulk content pages. Please note you need your own paid WordAI account to use this integration.

Tradedoubler Integration Added

Tradedoubler has been added as a new source and can now be activated on the “Choose Sources” page for all CMS Commander account. Tradedoubler is another huge affiliate marketing solution and our integration allows you to tap into product data of hundreds of high quality merchants and help you with better monetizing your website network.

Yelp API Integration Fixed

Yelp had released a new version of their API and stopped support for the previous version, which meant our integreation was not working anymore. This update takes care of that and you can now use Yelp as a content source for your blogs again.

To use the new version please go to the “Choose Sources” page and disable Yelp, the enable it again. Please note that you will also need to get a new set of API keys inside your Yelp account.

New Amazon Feature: Search Discounted Products

New settings for our Amazon API integration allow you to further define what products to search for: You can filter by minimum price, maximum price as well as minimum percentage off. The last of those settings will probably the most interesting: It allows you to exclusively post products which are on sale, for example to help you build a special offer section on your affiliate sites.

New Youtube Feature: Search Videos By Channel ID

The Youtube integration also got a new setting and now makes it possible to search for videos from a specific Youtube channel.

Small Post Editor Updates

The “Post Editor” page received some love in the update as well, with small changes that are supposed to make it more pleasant to use. One noticable update is that when you create a post in bulk on multiple WordPress sites you will now get a list with links to all posts that were created, so that you can review them directly on all your blogs. Furthermore an excerpt field is now available in the optional WordPress settings.

As always stay tuned for our next update!

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Thomas Hoefter