Improvements to Scheduled Activity Reports

Last month we added a highly anticipated feature to CMS Commander: The possibility to schedule automatic activity reports and have them sent to your clients.

The launch resulted in a lot of praise but as expected also in a lot of feedback from CMS Commander users about how they want to utilize the reports and what kind of improvements they would like to see added to the new feature.

We of course listened carefully to the valuable feedback and have just released a first update today which makes the following enhancements come to life:

1. You can now create a scheduled report for single websites

For the launch of the reporting feature we focused on creating schedules for groups of sites exclusively. Well, as it turned out many of you wanted to create scheduled reports for single sites as well (and without the need to create a separate group for each of them!).

Luckily with today’s update you can now do so! All your site URLs are now listed besides your groups when you create a new schedule and you can set up as many automatic reports as you like, mixing among group reports and site reports depending on your needs.

2. Add your logo to the scheduled report emails

For further customization of the report emails as well as to make them look better to your clients we have added the possibility of adding a logo image to them.

When creating a new schedule in the “History” tab on your dashboard you can press on the “More Options” link. In the form that opens simply enter the URL to any image of your choice into the logo field. The image will then be displayed at the top of your reports.

We hope you find those changes useful! If you have any further suggestions for improving the reporting features in CMS Commander be sure to let us know. This will certainly not be the end of it.

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Thomas Hoefter