Manage WP Robot

CMS Commander comes with built-in functionality to remotely manage almost all settings and configurations of the premium WP Robot autoblogging plugin on your WordPress weblogs. To use the feature either the free or paid version of WP Robot has to be installed on your website and the latest version of the CMS Commander plugin has to be installed and activated as well.

Besides that there are no further requirements or necessary setup steps. You can find the feature in your CMS Commander account by navigating to the page titled “WP Robot” at the bottom of your main menu on the left side. The page is divided into 5 subpages, which are displayed when hovering over the label and reflect the admin menus which you are also used from the WP Robot admin area on your weblogs:

  • WP Robot / Campaigns (main page) – View the campaigns on any of your weblogs, edit them or create instant autoposts for them.
  • Create Campaign – create a new campaign on any number of websites at the same time.
  • Options – configure all WP Robot settings including the possibility to load the setup from one of your sites and copy it to the others.
  • Templates – Modify module templates as well as post template presets and copy them between your sites.
  • Log – Display the WP Robot log and review recent error messages.

As mentioned the menu structure is exactly the same as in the WP Robot plugin itself and the look and features on all pages are similar as well, so if you are familiar with WP Robot then you will have no problem at all to manage the plugins features through CMS Commander as well. The only difference is that in CMS Commander you have the “Your Sites” list displayed on the right side of each page, allowing you to access all of your weblogs and choose which ones to save data from or to. How the site list in CMS Commander works is explained in more detail here and for more information on specific WP Robot features please also refer to the WP Robot online documentation.

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