CMS Commander Is Now Available In German, Russian And Spanish

Since yesterday you can now use your CMS Commander dashboard in three new languages in addition to English. After logging in you will find a new flag symbol at the top right of the screen – by hovering over it you can switch your language to one of the following with a single click:

Providing a translation of CMS Commander has been a common request by our considerable amount of international users. We have started with those 3 languages now since they were the majority of our international userbase but we certainly plan to add more languages in the future.

WordPress is used in the whole world. During this year more than 50% of new users do not come from an English speaking country. With this move we hope to make it easier for people who do not speak English natively to use CMS Commander to manage multiple WordPress sites.

You can change the language with one click.

You can change the language with one click.

The online documentation is currently still only available in English. We plan to integrate inline docs into the dashboard with a future update, which will then be translated. Technical support can be provided in German and English.

Please note that the translations still have to be considered a work in progress. While your dashboard area has been completely translated there might still be single strings missing here and there. If you spot anything or find translation errors be sure to let us know so we can fix them.

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Thomas Hoefter