Automated Malware Scanning

The ability to easily perform a malware scan on your WordPress sites has been part of CMS Commander for several months already. However until now you had to trigger the scan manually from your dashboard whenever you wanted to get updated scan results, which was just not feasible for people managing many sites and valuing […]

Plugins Page Update

A small update, which has been released today, adds several improvements to the “Plugins” page in your CMS Commander account. One of the most used pages in CMS Commander already since among other things it allows you to bulk install new WordPress plugins to any number of sites we are sure that the new features […]

Improvements to Scheduled Activity Reports

Last month we added a highly anticipated feature to CMS Commander: The possibility to schedule automatic activity reports and have them sent to your clients. The launch resulted in a lot of praise but as expected also in a lot of feedback from CMS Commander users about how they want to utilize the reports and […]