Security Scans Added To Client Reports

Today is Sunday but that did not stop us from releasing a small update to make your life even easier with CMS Commander: From now on the automated security scans for all sites managed with our premium accounts will be integrated with the activity report feature.

That means when you set up activity reports to be sent to your clients they will automatically contain details on the last automatic security scan that was run for each site in the report as well as its results.

Automated security scans are a new feature that were added to CMS Commander just a few weeks ago and we are sure integration with our automated client reports will make both features even more valuable to have.

Randomize Bulk Post Times

Furthermore we implemented a small feature that had been suggested by a user to the post editor in CMS Commander. The new “Randomize post times” setting does now allow you to schedule posts at random / different dates when bulk posting to multiple sites simultaneously.

Scheduling posts was possible before with the “Date” setting but when bulk posting all articles would get published at the same time. Now you can simply enter a value of your choice in the new “Randomize post times” field to change that, e.g. if you enter “3” posts will be randomly spread out in a range of 3 days before or after the desired date you entered.

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Thomas Hoefter