Apply Custom Branding to Your CMS Commander Plugin

Custom branding is a feature that is available to paid subscribers and makes it possible to change the name, description, author name and URL of the CMS Commander plugin on all websites managed through a CMS Commander account.

To apply custom branding all you need to do is click on the “Your Sites” link on your CMS Commander Dashboard page. Once you did that you will find the form titled “CMS Commander Plugin Branding” in the form that pops open. Enter the new plugin name, description, author name and author link you want to use on your sites into the respective form fields. When you are done select the websites you want to apply the custom branding to in the “Your Sites” list on the left and then press the button to send the information.

After that you will find the CMS Commander plugin displayed with the details you entered on the WordPress “Plugins” page on your sites. To override the changes simply fill out the form again and apply it to the same sites.

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