Manage And Bulk Create WordPress Users

CMS Commander allows you to create any number of new WordPress user accounts in less than a minute of your time. The mass user generation can also be done on multiple of your websites simultaneously.

The Users page in CMS Commander consists of two parts: The first View /Edit Users tab lets you load the lists of user accounts from your WordPress weblogs so that you can manage them and delete users of your choice.

On the second Create Users tab you can quicly create any number of new user accounts and save them to some or all of your weblogs. CMS Commander has the ability to bulk create WordPress user accounts on multiple weblogs at the same time.

Important: To create bulk content on your websites it is recommended you generate bulk WordPress users through CMS Comander on your sites first, so that those users can be randomly selected for the automatic content.

To create new users go to the “Create Users” tab and fill out the two fields:

  • In the Usernames field you have to enter the desired usernames of the accounts you want to create. You can enter any number of names, with a single one on each line.

    CMS Commander can also generate any number of random usernames for you – to do that just enter the desired number to the right of the field and press “Go”. The generated usernames are then displayed and you can still change or edit them.

  • In the Password field you can choose between entering a single password of your choice, which will then be used for all the accounts CMS Commander creates, or alternatively have CMS Commander generate a random password for each new user account. If you chose the later the generated username and password pairs will be displayed after the users have been created.
  • The WordPress Role dropdown lets you choose the cababilities the newly created user accounts shall have on your WordPress weblogs. The choice are the standard WordPress options, e.g. “Administrator”, “Editor”, “Author”, “Contributor” and “Subscriber”.
  • With User Email you choose the email address that shall be connected to the new users. You can either enter an email address of your choice or let CMS Commander set a random / bogus email for each new account.
  • When you are done just select your websites you want to create the new users on in the “Your Sites” list and click the “Create Users” button.

    Form to bulk create WP Users on multiple sites
    The form in CMS Commander to bulk create WP users on multiple weblogs.

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